Peggy Llewellyn Open Letter

October 23, 2009



To My Dear Beautiful Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts, Best Friends, Fans and Supporters:

I have a really big favor to ask of you. It is really important, and this affects you and me. Have you had your breast examined and donated to Divas For A Cure?

Do you know that breast cancer is the most commonly known cancer in Black and Latina women, and we are more likely, than any other women to die from the disease? We are diagnosed at a later stage when there are fewer treatment options. These facts are alarming, and it just outright scares me! But, I WILL NOT give into the fear. I am going to be proactive, and I want you to join me in supporting the efforts of Divas For A Cure.

I ask for you to do two simple things - get your breast examined and donate to Divas For A Cure, and we can beat this disease!


Peggy Llewellyn

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