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From: Miranda Sumblin
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Subject: Finding Out That I Had Cancer Too

I met Sunny while she was on her Ride for the Cure from California to Florida. At that time I was a member of the Road Divas of Distinction Motorcycle Association of Maryland. I was able to meet Sunny at the Fort Washington Harley dealership in Fort Washington, Maryland. I am Miranda Sumblin aka "Tricck". I left work early to ensure that I would be at the dealership before Sunny left. I had heard so much about Sunny and wanted to meet this remarkable woman. I was very impressed and she was truly delightful. Little did I know that I would be emailing the story of my battle with breast cancer. I was diagnoised in October 2006 and like many others, I was in shock. I had served 26 years in the military, had always watched my weight, always exercised and after retiring in November of 2005 was well on my way to beginning another career, working as a DOD contractor, preparing to send my only son to college. My story will be ongoing in that I had my masectomy on Jan 2, 2007 and my chemo will begin on Febrary 15, 2007. I was told that I will be having chemo once every three weeks for three months and each week for the fourth month, also that I will be having radiation for one month after my chemo. I have talked to several ladies who have been diagnosed with cancer, Sister Soldier was a Godsend. I too have begun to look differently at life and am ready for the oncoming battle. I know that when I read about others who have survived this disease, I too can overcome. I thank God for all the women whose stories I have read and give me strength and courage to go on.

Miranda Sumblin aka "Tricck"

As a graphic artist, I've worked with Jan Emanuel for many years and have always known her to work tirelessly for the cause of breast cancer awareness. Having my mother survive breast cancer 10 years ago, awakened me to the need to get involved and Jan has been a model in this area. I think everyone benefits from supporting the efforts of the Divas, because everyone will be effected at some time. I help the cause through my artistic gifts and I believe everyone should look within and find ways to contribute.

Randolph Belle

Girl ScoutsSince my initial meeting by phone with Jan, I have grown to respect her, her strength, her dedication to this important cause and I see her as a role model and champion for breast cancer awareness and research.

The information provided through the DFAC website has helped thousands of executive Girl Scout staff members with their battle with cancer. In fact, our national professional organization of Girl Scouts, The Association for Girl Scout Executive Staff (AGSES) featured her website in one of our national newsletters. Read More...

Deborah A. Harpe AGSES, Section 1
Diversity and Pluralism Chair
Diversity Initiatives Specialist
Girl Scouts of Spar and Spindle Council

I supported the DFAC charity fund raiser for a few reasons even though I am not personally a cancer survivor. First, I was awe struck by the dedication of a group of women motorcycle riders to commit to riding from one end of the country to the other to raise funds for breast cancer research and treatment and always want to support this type of personal dedication and sacrifice that they were making. Second, my best friend happens to be a breast cancer survivor and the founder of DFAC and I think we all have someone close to us who suffers with cancer; and third it was as good a cause as others that me and my husband contribute to and in some ways more rewarding since it's an up and coming charity event that we believe will grow in size and publicity over the years.

We will again support this event and look forward to being a part of a grass roots fund raiser benefiting further research, development and treatment of breast cancer that should continue to grow and have an even bigger impact.

Mai White
Director of Employee Relations
Eastern Division

Sandra JacksonWell my friends, eight months ago I decided after a suspicious finding on my mammogram to undergo breast reconstruction. Thirteen years ago I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast and had a modified radical mastectomy. Although I’m still a little uncomfortable my two “girls” are making me feel real good about my decision to have the reconstruction done. I want to thank Jan for her encouraging words when the “pain of healing” became unbearable. Jan just listened to my rants and cried along with me for the moment I had my pity party. I took my first ride about two weeks ago (not rushing but if you ride you know why I had to do it) and it felt good. I won’t be riding with the DIVAS this year but I will probably see them in Kansas City for the 30th National Bikers Roundup.

Sandra Jackson, DIVA
(Divine-Inspirational Virtuous-Anointed-Sister)
Sesamestreet, President
Seriously Sick Individuals, MC (SSI) of Las Vegas, NV
We’re not sick…we just like to have fun!

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