DFAC - Rules For The Road

Road Captain
The Road Captain is responsible for the safety of the entire formation. He/she must be aware of the length of the columns, and must gauge the passing of merges, highway entrances and exits, etc., to allow for maximum safety and keeping the group together. He/she must make sure that he leaves enough time/space for the formation to get into the appropriate lanes before exits, etc.

All directions come from the Road Captain. The Road Captain makes all decisions regarding lane changes, stopping for breaks and fuel, closing of gaps, turning off at exits, any concerns of what lies ahead, accepting/rejecting radioed messages from other individuals, and so on. No individual will assert himself independently without direction from the Road Captain to do so.

The Road Captain should be aware of tolls and collect money from all riders in advance. When the formation arrives at the toll booth, the Road Captain pays for all bikes, and all bikes proceed through the toll. Many toll booths have counters that count the number of vehicles coming through. To accommodate these, ride through the toll booth one at a time.

DFAC Riders

Road Etiquette
Riders should ride in a friendly and courteous manner, showing respect for other road users.

Hand Signals
DFAC Riders will be familiar with riding formations and hand signals. The Road Captain will instruct the rider on this information.

Rider Formation

»Staggered Formation
After singling up, when single file is no longer necessary, the "Road Captain" will raise his/her left hand with thumb and pinky out, other fingers closed, rotating his/her wrist back and forth (indicating left, right, left, right). All other riders will repeat this and resume staggered formation.

»Single up
When conditions warrant single file (narrow road, anticipated wind-blast from trucks, obstruction, pedestrians, etc.) the "Road Captain" will raise his/her left hand straight up, holding up just his/her index finger. All other riders will repeat this, and the two columns will merge into one.

Rider Expectations:

The mission of this ride is fundraising and breast cancer awareness. This Run is to be enjoyed by all and is not a race. Riders should stay together as a group to improve visibility, safety and enjoyment. Riders should adopt the "buddy" system by keeping a close watch on bike directly in front and the bike directly in back, watching for mechanical problems, rider fatigue, etc.

DFAC Riders bikes must be roadworthy, gassed up and ready to ride. Riders should assemble for a briefing by the Road Captain or his representative at least five minutes before take off time at which time ride details will be given including route information, contact numbers, scheduled stops, etc.

It is the responsibility of Riders to insure their capacity to ride is not impaired by alcohol or other influences. In the interest of the welfare of the rider and the Group, the Road Captain or his appointed representative is empowered to ban a member from joining a ride if he feels that member's capacity to ride safely has been impaired.

DFAC Riders should maintain position and avoid overtaking other bikes whenever possible. If necessary to overtake another bike, the passing bike must get acknowledgment from the bike being passed.

Recognizing different levels of riding ability and capacity of bikes, riders should ride within their comfort zone. Road Captain and Sweeper will endeavor to set a pace appropriate to traffic and road conditions.

In event of an accident, riders should stop as quickly and safely as possible and await instructions from the Road Captain or his delegate. All situations differ so common sense should be used by the first members at the scene; i.e., direct traffic, assist the fallen rider, clear the fallen bike, etc.

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